January 20, 2014

Lessons for a father - Perception Of Truth

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Truth is the most valuable thing we have. Let us economize it. Mark Twain said that, and humor apart, he was right about truth being our most valuable possession.

Let me add something to the great man's words (I hope he doesn't mind): Truth is the most valuable and powerful thing we have.

What if we had the power to mold truth into anything we wanted? Would that make us more powerful than TRUTH itself?

Well, we do have that power. And it is not always a bad thing.

Let me give you an example: If someone were to tell you that the organization that you work at is the best in the world or the product that the organization creates is better than any similar product, would you believe that to be true? How about if someone were to tell you that your son was the most intelligent toddler they ever met? Would you believe the person now?

Almost anyone (person or organization) will probably say they are better than some others at some point in their lives (yes, organizations have lives too!). But, do we believe that, just like we would, for instance, believe that 2 added to another 2 is always 4?

The difference between the 2 cases is good old belief.

It does not matter whether we believe or not that 2 added to 2 will give us 4. It is the truth and our lack of belief in it will not alter it.

If we, however, start believing that what we are creating, the people that we are working with and the organization that we are working as is the best in the world, that is all that matters. Our belief, our perception makes it true for us. Our belief in the intelligence of our toddler makes him a force to reckon with. We become believers and there is no stopping us now!

Perception of truth comes from how we choose to interpret what happens to us. Our interpretation of an event cannot, fortunately, be tied to a set of rules that need to be followed. They our ours. They make us stronger, give us focus and allow us to set goals for ourselves.

Take my interpretation of truth, my perception of reality, away and all I am left with is numbers and logic. I love numbers and logic. I like reason more, and reason tells me that numbers are not running the world, us humans are, and what drives us forward is our belief that we can keep moving forward, that we can get up after falling down or after setbacks and eventually, we will be better than what we are.


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