February 3, 2014

Lessons for a father - Loving The Uncomfortable

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I like being comfortable. It allows me to be in a state where I can think clearly and with a lot of confidence. Once I am in my comfort zone, I am very certain of success.

There is a problem with being in my comfort zone for too long though. I start to stagnate. And we all know what stagnation does. It makes things stink. That, unfortunately, is true with people as well. Not literally of course, but professionally.

It becomes almost pertinent then, that we strive towards getting out of our comfort zone. Being uncomfortable should become the order of our day and doing things that we do not like doing should top our list.

For some of us that might mean talking to strangers (give someone you do not know a compliment). For others it might translate to wearing a tie and a jacket. For the risk takers amongst us, it might be asking a person of interest out on a date or the hardest thing of all - apologizing.

There are multiple ways of being uncomfortable, with the intent to improve as a person and a professional. 

As a parent, trying to reason with a toddler that does not give in to reason or logic can be a very uncomfortable position to be in. How do you convince someone who cannot live without eating that piece of paper that it might do him harm? You learn. You adapt and sometimes you give in to being the parent that made the kid cry.

There are a few rules I follow that help me get into my zone of discomfort which usually leads to me finding out something new about myself. Here they are:
  • Be curious: Ask a whole lot of What-Ifs.
  • Be passionate about being better: This helps me in attempting things I have not tried before.
  • Be patient: Being uncomfortable is not easy. Be ready to fail before succeeding.
  • Be committed: Failure should not deter you from trying again.
  • Celebrate your success: You changed something about yourself. You learned something new. Your relationship got better with someone. Celebrate this.

There is usually nothing better than finding something about ourselves that we were previously unaware of. I was not sure about my blogging skills before I started writing these. I took a risk and I must admit that this has been an eye opener.

Has being uncomfortable led to your personal growth? If so, how?

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